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Fueled by an insatiable creative energy, Nunzio Miano has spent the last 30 years expressing himself through painting and drawing.

From an early age, Nunzio has been fascinated with identity and the idea of belonging. As the son of Italian immigrants, living a dual existence in middle class Australian suburbia became the norm.  

Nunzio has had two sellout shows with a 3rd one planned for November 2018. Nunzio’s premiere exhibition ‘Mask’ explores the idea of identity, but in particular, the facade that men use in society to mask their inner sensitivities.

The works serve to reflect the expectations placed on men to conceal true emotions and fit the archetypal mould.

The exhibition explores the journey, from illustrative outline to full form, to deliver a collection of the alternate faces we present to the world.

Nunzio is an Italian/Australian artist.

Art is life


The concept of a tribe has evolved in recent years from that of the nomads to a group that shares a common identity or belief system.

We live in a world where we crave individualism yet yearn the idea of belonging and being part of a common collective.

Nunzio Miano explores the traditional idea of tribes and the common elements of identity and unity. The collection features pieces in bold expressive colours contrasted with dark melancholy works.

He is constantly in pursuit of his own identity within the tribe, and the context around him.

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